Photo session on the yacht
Фотосессия на яхте

Photo session on the yacht

Let's not dissemble and call things by their proper names: despite the fact that Marmaris itself is cute, cozy and attractive, there is neither the Tower of Pisa, nor the Great Wall of China, nor the pyramids, nor the skyscrapers and the Colosseum. All the most beautiful in Marmaris is connected with the sea. The beach, the promenade, the marina ... And the further into the depths of nature - the more beautiful and picturesque. And, in my opinion, the most fascinating journey and the most beautiful views are the natural sea landscapes of the coast.

Photo session on the yacht

Visiting them, admiring and capturing all this splendor is possible only in two ways: to rent a car and roll off to wild beaches for recreation and photo shoots (which is a separate article) and what is even more exciting is to rent a yacht and go on a day trip to local charming places where you can amazingly beautifully capture yourself and generally have a great rest with swimming, eating fish, tanning and contemplating beauty. You can easily and easily rent a boat from my friends. For any period, even a week, any route: you want to swim only in one bay all day, and you want - there will be an excursion, if you want - you will fish or a cruise to the sunset. All this is done for the most spectacular photo shoot and memorable and beautiful frames. Be sure to contact.

Photo on the yacht

1) I return all received frames after conversion to JPEG. You view them and select the frames you like most because:

2) The price of ₤ 200 also includes deep processing and retouching in Photoshop 5 of your chosen frames. I process them and send them to you too.

3) Take advantage of advantageous offer

         "Yacht x 5": if you pay ₤ 300 a day on a photoset - retouching and processing x5 more frames will be included in the price: 25 frames.

         “Yacht x10”: if you pay ₤ 400 a day on a photoset, retouching and processing x10 more frames will be included in the price: 50 frames.

3) You can later additionally order retouching and deep processing in Photoshop for any number of frames from a photoset of ₤ 10 per frame

4) I give all the frames with the logo

5) You can make a payment immediately, before starting our journey by booking a date, or only half (for booking a date) and when paying for the second half, I send you a link where you can download all your photos.

6) Sorry, my friends, but I do not give the source in RAW format. Only ready photos in jpeg formatembarassed