Photo report and photo walk in Marmaris
Фоторепортаж и фотопрогулка в Мармарисе

Photo report and photo walk in Marmaris

With this item in the types of work everything is quite simple. And a photo walk and a photo report are one and the same: you walk around Marmaris or go on a tour, or do you have a meeting with friends: at least on the beach, even at the bar, and the camera shoots it all in the form of a reportage about a good time. The only difference is whether it is just a walk through the city, where we stop at all beautiful places, or you have some kind of event, excursion or entertainment, where we do the same.

photo report in Marmaris

The cost of this type of work is ₤ 60 per hour and possibly time for the accumulation of material (photographing, in simple terms :) it will take a second hour. Do not interrupt the same photo session in half
And if you think that there is a lot of ₤ 60 for this hour - remember: the main work of the photographer in time is at the time of shooting, and the time after shooting at photo processing) Each hour of shooting is several hundred shots this would seem a short hour)
And in order to precisely define the conditions:
1) I return all received frames after conversion to JPEG. You view them and select the frames you like most because:

2) The price of ₤ 60 also includes deep processing and retouching in Photoshop 5 of your chosen frames. I process them and send them to you too.

3) Take advantage of advantageous offer

         “Photo Walk x 2”: ₤ 90 per hour and you get more x2 included in the price of frames processed and retouched in Photoshop: 10 frames!

         "Photoset x 4": at ₤ 120 per hour and you get more x4 included in the price of frames processed and retouched in Photoshop: 20 frames!

3) You can later additionally order retouching and deep processing in Photoshop for any number of frames from a photoset of ₤ 10 per frame

4) I give all the frames with the logo

5) You can make a payment immediately, before starting our journey by booking a date, or only half (for booking a date) and when paying for the second half, I send you a link where you can download all your photos.

6) Sorry, my friends, but I do not give the source in RAW format. Only ready photos in jpeg format embarassed