The biggest yacht visited Marmaris
Яхта Усманова Дильбар в Мармарисе

The biggest yacht visited Marmaris

In Marmaris, large ships often sail - cruise ships. Huge floating hotels. But this yacht is a special case, and therefore memorable. Yacht Dilbar Alisher Usmanov - the largest private yacht in the world. 156 meters in length. True Google says that they built another 164 meter yacht. but who is there to distinguish these meters on the background of such "Titanics"?

Snapped yacht from afar. It is moored to the pier where cruise liners stick. Well, really - where to moor this yacht? She will not fit anywhere anymore) Please note - there is not a single house in this part of Marmaris, which got into a frame that would be larger than this yacht. For comparison, here is a photo taken by me from the same angle, when a huge 300 meter tall tourist liner is moored to the same pier: the largest liner is the legendary Queen Elizabeth

The yacht is painted for some reason in such a beige color. As for me, there is no beauty of a snow-white yacht)

And do not be deceived by figures of people at the tug scale. The tug is 100-150 meters closer to me than the yacht's stern. in fact, the scale is as follows: see the figure of a man on a yacht at the flag?

Now you can judge the size and scale))

from this angle you can see how far the tug is from the stern

Here, as I could sfotkal yacht sideways - really floating hotel for one person and his guests.

By itself, a personal helicopter is a fact already speaking about the viability of its owner, and here he is like a small detail. Well, a helicopter and a helicopter. Yacht Option

Inside, I saw something on the deck. I do not know what it is, but suggested that this is some kind of electric car for driving on such a huge yacht

Of course, everyone who was on the embankment would certainly like to take a yacht and take a photo on the background of it. I just had a thought: it would be nice to have a photoset on board of such a yacht, and then I interrupt myself with some sort of tiny options on microyachts. But nothing. Such giant maintenance yachts require at least huge amounts of money, and the Russian population has nothing to rob, so the day is not far when all these yachts of Usmanov, Melnichenko and other Abramovichs will roll tourists just to scrape up their services, pofotkayem))))

And finally, the scale) of the yacht standing in the marina of Marmaris and seemingly very large for everyone - just tiny boats against the background of the achievements of Russian pensioners