Wedding photo session in Marmaris
Свадебная фотосессия

Wedding photo session in Marmaris

Often they ask a question about this type of photography - wedding. “Can you do a wedding photo shoot?”, - ask those who are interested in WhatsApp (mostly). And every time I answer, but it seems to me that because of the brevity of the answer, I do not quite understand the rule. Therefore, I decided to write this answer in a separate article just to give a link to it.

Wedding photo session in Marmaris

In general, well, of course, I can be a photographer of your wedding in Marmaris, because wedding photography is fundamentally little different from another event photoset. And often I take photos of my friends and acquaintances with pleasure. But there is one very important difference between a wedding photo shoot and any other.

A wedding is a very responsible and troublesome event in itself. Multiply it by 10 boldly when it comes to a wedding ceremony in another country. Just imagine how much was done to arrange a wedding in Marmaris, how much effort was spent, how much money, how much nerves, approvals and agreements everyone had with everyone: relatives, young people, guests, friends, presenters, helpers, artists ...

All need to bring, meet, place, gather in one place at one time - head spin, Order a master of ceremony, makeup artist, musicians, waiters, and a lot of things ...

Among others - a photographer who captures this entire holiday, created at the cost of incredible efforts. The date has been set, the time has been set, everything has gathered, the ceremony begins ...

And here - the photographer broke or plugged in or the camera / flash / lens finally broke (the latter, although many, are not duplicates and perform different functions) ...

For example, the most common photo equipment failures:

1) Usually, in a 3-4 hours photo session, 1000-1500 frames are taken, at a wedding photo session around 3000-5000. Resource shutter SLR camera is calculated depending on the camera from 100 000 to 400 000 frames. But this is a certain average warranty run of the camera. In fact, the shutter can fail even after 1000 frames, even after 1000000. Absolutely random value. And this we still do not affect the electronics in the chamber, the malfunction of which is even more sudden

2) for lenses, the most massive failure is a break in the control loop of the mechanism of the diaphragm (and sometimes focusing). Theoretical adaptation to a photo shoot is possible, but practically - shooting will be a marriage: all shots are only at an open aperture

3) for flashes, as a rule, lamps break first

4) suddenly die memory cards

and so on

Of course, these incidents are extremely rare, it even happens that the photographer does not have one of them for years. But we are not talking about rarity, but about a spoiled holiday, if all this happens.

This photoset of a couple in love with tourists in Marmaris can be transferred, or in a couple of days you can find a new photographer, or cancel at all, with plans to make a photo session in another resort town in a couple of months or next summer. And with the wedding it will not work. It's all concrete: this is the time and this is the place.

Therefore, I believe that without a second camera, offering oneself as a wedding photographer is an unwarranted adventurism (to put it mildly). No excuses will later smooth out guilt (namely, the guilt of the photographer) if the only fotik refused, even for an hour, but that very hour.

I do not have a second full-frame camera (well, not the same crop))) not to mention the soap boxes). I do not consider it possible to declare myself that I will cope with a wedding photo shoot in Marmaris. It is out of respect for you, the newlyweds. This is too much responsibility and I do not want to be the reason that I spoil your holiday.

But do not think that I am all so cool and charming)))

I also don’t like to buy a second camera for the sake of a “reserve”) So I’m such a hedonist) I live for my own pleasure, but I don’t really want to let others down either)

And so when I take photos of my friends' weddings, I take photos either when they don’t have a photographer at all and my photos are a nice bonus or one of two photographers.

I hope now, after my long explanation, you understand me correctly and even agree with me that wedding and wedding photography are a very important event.