Фотосессия в Мармарисе


This is a complex of works on the accumulation of material in a certain location with a certain image. Here, as an example, Anna's photo session: at the selected location in the selected image. But the main difference of this proposal is that all selected photos from the session are deeply processed in Photoshop.

Photo session in Marmaris


This is an offer who does not want to delve into the details and is set up resolutely: "take me down in a beautiful way - I want, as a result, chic photos."
 - Quite a few words :) let's get down to business :)
The basic conditions I always say to everyone at once:
1) Work "Photosession" - ONE location \ image ₤ 150
2) Take advantage of advantageous offer

         "Photosession x 2": at ₤ 250 - we will shoot in TWO locations \ images.

         "Photosession x 4": and at ₤ 400 - we will shoot in FOUR locations / images.

3) All received after processing I give you a) after payment b) in JPEG format.

4) I give all the frames with the logo

5) It is better to pay immediately, before starting your trip by booking a date, or only half (for booking a date) and when paying for the second half, I send you a link where you can download all your photos.

6) Sorry, my friends, but I do not give the source in RAW format. Only ready photos in the format "JPEG".embarassed