Turkish photographers in Marmaris
Турецкие фотографы в Мармарисе

Turkish photographers in Marmaris

Not once or twice, but much more “crossed on locations” with my Turkish colleagues. And each time I was touched and surprised. I don’t undertake to speak for everyone, but I speak only for whom I saw personally, and even managed to talk.
We should start with the fact that according to my observations, if you see in the hands of a man in Marmaris, the Big Black Camera is a Russian tourist or a Russian photographer working here. (saying "Russian" - meaning from the countries of the former USSR - not to write the CIS, you can substitute any nationality yourself - Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakhstan, etc., in all cases this will be true). Only Soviet people for some reason use them. Of course there are exceptions, but if you have noticed this, then in 99% of cases it will be from the country of the former USSR. But other tourists do not soar and use a selfie stick and remove from smartphones, even at night).
But it is especially surprising that I meet my Turkish colleagues. It seems like a photographer who makes a commercial quality professional shooting should have at least at least some kind of crop ... For the first time I saw these girls green and naive, I think that they are suffering, let me go, I will offer to click the frame, I would send it to the soap . Free of course. He said - I am a professional photographer, that the weighty full-frame with the lens and the battery pack was solidly confirmed.

These two girls looked at me angrily and answered (they spoke in English). "No, thank you, we are professional photographers ourselves and we can handle it too."
Ok ladies ok ) Easy, I`m understand)) well, I stood at the lighthouse and watched a minute. Not only that they were filming on a smartphone, so the second one was shot on an action camera, and I understood that in order to use video frames as a photo later)

Even now I am sitting writing an article and smiling in all mustaches)
Then I saw this often, but I no longer offered help. And due to the businesslike bustle of the owners of smartphones, it was clear that this was a commercial photographer. By the way, I met Turkish photographers with decent equipment. But this was exactly 2 times on some very rich weddings, where there were both drones and as many cranes on pickups and photo-video of the staff was about 10. Otherwise, just like in the photo.
Well, it made me write what I saw the day before yesterday (September 8, 2018): I went to the wild beach to swim, and there the newlyweds in a suit and wedding dress, who are put in different poses by the photographer, guess what? That's right - with a smartphone). I didn’t take the camera with me to the beach so it’s very annoying that I couldn’t photograph this epic spectacle)