New Year in Marmaris in photos (part one)
Новогодний Мармарис в фотографиях (часть первая)

New Year in Marmaris in photos (part one)

New Year has come to Marmaris. The city was decorated, and it became more elegant, lighter and more positive. There are practically no tourists, there are not so many people, but the central square decorated for the New Year attracts many residents of Marmaris to just take a walk in these festive "interiors".

I also got there with a camera to photograph all this and share with you the atmosphere of the New Year holiday.

there are many photos and so that there were no problems with the opening of the page I divided this article into two parts. At the end of this article there will be a link to the second part.

And, by the way, I had a good social experiment: laughing

It was necessary to remove at night, garlands, not searchlights - light dimly. I set the camera on a tripod, because the long shutter speed of the frame, sometimes for 3-5 seconds + 2 seconds, the delay in the start of exposure to stop the camera from shaking and trembling stopped - and in 5-7 seconds people have time to get into the frame)) And sometimes they never left it. stand close to the Christmas tree, which I want to take, take a nap and consider for half an hour what they put on the instagram in the end)))

This is where the most interesting thing begins, from such an unexpected discovery, I began to talk so differently to different people at different shooting sites so that my theory was confirmed and scored 40-50 for such cases.

So here are the results: the men always understood me correctly and reacted "Yes, yes, of course, we are already moving away, please take pictures without interference."

Women always understood me incorrectly and reacted "No! Don't take pictures of us, We don't want you to shoot us" (some even violently were outraged), although as you understand, I just did not want to take them off and I needed them to go out from the frame)

Exceptions in male behavior and female has never been)

Well, now the photos themselves New Year in Marmaris)

new year in marmaris

New Year Marmaris

in Marmaris for the new year

New Year holidays in Marmaris

Celebration of the New Year in Marmaris

Marmaris celebrates New Year

New Year holidays in Marmaris

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